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The Sweet Joy team is ready and able to help you make that special day that much special. If you can dream it we can make it.

Cake Flavours

Vanilla Cake

Aromatic Vanilla – Buttercream infused with vanilla extract
Strawberry Delight – Strawberry Coulis with Buttercream
Passion Fruit – Passion Fruit Coulis with Buttercream
Lemon Swirl – Lemon Curd with Buttercream
Caramel Treat – Good ol’ fashioned Caramel Treat
Nougat – Nougat infused Buttercream
Turkish Delight – Rose infused Buttercream
Honeycomb – Honeycomb and Honey Buttercream

Rich Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Buttercream – Buttercream infused with Cocoa
Black Cherry Ganach – Chocolate and Cream mixed
Bar-One Ganach – Bar-One melted into Chocolate Ganach
Caramel Treat – Good ol’ fashioned Caramel Treat
Peppermint Crisp – Chocolate Buttercream with Mint
Cookies and Cream – Crushed Oreo in Vanilla Buttercream

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Traditional Fruit Cake

Feel Free to ask for any Flavour not listed

Gluten Free or Vegan Available on Request